Hard Cell

Alloy drop tanks and fuel cells have been around for decades in race cars, boats and planes. Building a custom fuel cell for any application brings a range of benefits over the any standard tank. Perth Street Car visited Torque Fabrications, in Bellevue, to witness a new tank being fabricated. Read More...

The Right Direction

Converting worn out XW/XY manual steering to XF power steering.
Let’s face it, we all love them; XW and XY Falcons have an air about them equalled by very few vehicles. Their clean lines and undisputed racing heritage place them on a pedestal high above most mortal machines. But despite this aura of invincibility, they often steer with all the precision of the Bounty in a 40-knot wind – with about the same level of feedback to the driver (or Cap’n). After over 35 years of wear and tear, the steering boxes of most Y’s and Dubs are more suited to the museum than the motorway. Read More...

Yankee Brawn

This awesome Impala is almost ready to hit the streets after three years in the making. Perth Street Car came across this classic cruiser at Torque Fabrications in Bellevue where Scott has just finished building a couple of vital components to edge this project nearer to completion. The first item on the agenda was the exhaust system. Read More...
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