Yankee Brawn

This awesome Impala is almost ready to hit the streets after three years in the making. Perth Street Car came across this classic cruiser at Torque Fabrications in Bellevue where Scott has just finished building a couple of vital components to edge this project nearer to completion. The first item on the agenda was the exhaust system.

Scott started with the headers. As the Impala now has a very healthy 427-cube big block nestled in that huge engine bay and the car is an Australia-build right hand drive model, custom extractors were required. The new four-into-one pipes have 2-inch primaries that lead into 3 1/2 inch merge collectors. The rear pipe on the drivers side snakes around the steering shaft but still has ample clearance on all sides. From the collectors, the system branches out in twin 3-inch before coming together in a cross-over and exiting through Magnaflow polished mufflers.

After completing the exhaust, Scott began fabricating the huge alloy drop tank that fills the Impala's massive boot floor area.

In typical fashion, the new cell mounts snugly with the filler neck in the OEM position, lurking behind the rear number plate.

As the car now has a big block and Turbo 400 transmission aboard, a new gearbox cross member was required. Scott built a low profile cross member that spans between the two chassis rails. The low profile was required to mount the exhaust system as high as possible because the vehicle will sit low at its regular ride height. One final step left to carry out is the fabrication of sheet metal inner guards to add an extra touch of class to the timeless Chevy classic.

Now that the fabrication work is almost complete, the vehicles owner Marty, can remove the engine for a final engine bay detail and then complete the re-wire. If all goes according to plan, the big yellow Impala should be ready for some smokin' and stylin' action at Motorvation 23. Very cool.

Perth Street Car Magazine
Volume: 15    Number 4

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